General Stock Trading Warning Information
The data is available from FEB. 2002.
Date:2018/09/20~2018/09/21 Search results:All
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1 3083 CHINESE GAMER INTERNATIONAL CORP. 1 The average daily trading volume of the most recent six business days is greater by 7.29 times than that of the most recent 60 business days. The intraday trading volume is greater by 5.25 times than the average daily trading volume of most recent 60 business days(Article 6). 2018/09/20 45.85 N/A
2 8080 TAIWAN OSTOR CORP. 1 The cumulative percentage of increase in the final transaction price of the most recent six business days is 39.31%(Article 1). 2018/09/20 5.59 N/A
3 8436 TCI CO., Ltd 1 The difference between the final closing prices of the initial and final business days of the most recent 6 day period (inclusive of the given day) is NT$112dollars(Article 11) 2018/09/20 462 40.88
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