Formosa Stock Index

1. Profile

Compilers Compiled by Taipei Exchange(TPEx) & Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE)
Profile The Formosa Stock Index is created by converting the existing TAIEX and TPEX into one new benchmark index, using a mathematic formula. The Formosa Stock Index can measure the aggregate performance of two local stock markets-Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) and Taipei Exchange (TPEx).
Base Date 2013.12.31
Base Value 10,000
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All rights in the co-compiled indices vest in TPEx and /or its index partners (TWSE,TIP). Any unauthorized use of the index is strictly prohibited. All information provided is for information purposes only and no warranty is made as to its fitness for purpose, satisfactory quality or otherwise. Every effort has been made to ensure that all information given is accurate, but no responsibility or liability (including in negligence) can be accepted by TPEx and /or its index partners (TWSE,TIP) for errors, omissions or for any losses arising from the use of this information. All the co-compiled indices data requires license. Please contact us for more information.

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