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Taipei Exchange

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As one of the major pillars in Taiwan’s securities market, the TPEx aims to promote economic development. In support of government economic policies, the TPEx endeavors to foster Taiwan’s local characteristic enterprises, develop new products, boost market turnover, and actively engage in exchanges and cooperative programs with other capital markets to expand the business. Today, after years of steady growth and development, the TPEx is now a highly unique provider of financial products and trading services in the international market.

Over-the-counter (OTC) trading of securities in Taiwan was launched in February 1988 under the management of the Taipei Securities Dealers Association (the predecessor of today’s Taiwan Securities Association). In 1993, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) set out to build a more robust capital market and enhance OTC trading functions. After examining the system, functions, and organizational framework of the OTC market, the MOF decided to set up an OTC center as a non-profit institution to promote the development of the OTC market in Taiwan. After more than a year of preparation, the TPEx was formally established pursuant to the Securities and Exchange Act on November 1, 1994 to take over the business of OTC trading.

Under the strategic goal of building a multi-functional, multi-level full-fledged exchange, the TPEx has remained dedicated to fostering emerging and high-tech industries, creative industries, small and medium enterprises, and micro-enterprises by providing a viable channel for public listing and capital raising. The TPEx has also endeavored to grow into a multi-functional market that offers platforms for both centralized trading and over-the-counter negotiated trading of a wide variety of products, including stocks, bonds, ETFs, TDRs, and derivatives to meet the diverse trading needs of investors.

Guided by a business strategy of ensuring information transparency, fair trading practices, and greater product variety, the TPEx is on a mission to provide businesses and the public with an efficient market platform to achieve the objectives of “fostering a liquid market and vibrant economy” and helping to inject greater diversity and innovation into Taiwan’s capital market.

TPEx Milestones