Work Plan 2021

As an essential component of Taiwan’s capital market, TPEx, while firmly supporting the government policy of upholding fairness and discipline in the securities market, will endeavor to create an appropriate business environment that will promote the continuous growth of the TPEx market. TPEx formulates its work plan for 2021 in conjunction with government's efforts to expand the size and functions of our capital market by introducing various promoting market policies and regulatory relaxation measures. TPEx’s work plan 2021 consists of two parts. Part 1 pertains to 7 categories of important business plans, and Part 2 entails 11 categories of routine operations:

Part 1 - Important Business Plans

  1. Promote new companies to join TPEx multi-tiered market.(and establish Pinoeer Stock Board)
  2. Promote listed companies to implement scheduled material measures laid out in government's corporate governance roadmap for 2021 and the related assessments.
  3. Promote the Sustainable Bond Market development.
  4. Expend the international bond market development.
  5. Enhance the market making mechanism.
  6. Promote diversification of bond products.
  7. Enhance the information security and cyber resilience.

Part 2 - Routine Operations

  1. Enhance the quality of IPO applications and assist high-quality domestic and foreign enterprises to engage in the TPEx market.
  2. Advance the Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA) and related businesses.
  3. Promote corporate governance and enhance market supervision mechanism to safeguard the interests of investors.
  4. Enhance the trading and settlement systems for TPEx-listed stocks and emerging stocks, and promote diversification of investment products.
  5. Step up the strength of market supervision and strictly crack down on illegal trading behavior.
  6. Promote the development of bond market.
  7. Develop the OTC derivatives market.
  8. Strengthen the auditing and supervision over securities firms and leverage transaction merchants.
  9. Maintain and enhance the efficiency, security, and stability of TPEx’s computerized trading systems.
  10. Promote international communication and cooperation and enhance innovation and R&D.
  11. Implement efficient response measures and enhance preparedness for material or abrupt events, strengthen risk control and ensure business continuity.