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   TKK(3093)changes par value of the shares from NT$10 to NT$2.5, the new shares will begin to trade from December 12, 2022.       TPEx “ETF Reward Program” Kicks off   
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TPEx announced that Alformer industrial (stock code: 4558) will be eligible for margin purchases and short sales from September 23, 2022.


Alformer industrial (stock code: 4558) has been listed on TPEx since March 17, 2022 and fulfills the criteria for eligibility stated in Article 2 of “Standards Governing Eligibility of Securities for Margin Purchase and Short Sale”, including its listing period, registering years, paid in capital, par value per share, and profitability. In addition, in the last 90 days before the date of review, there was no excessively intense share price volatility, excessively concentrated equity ownership, or irregular trade volume.