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TPEx jointly held the 2022 Financial Elite Camp Award Ceremony and “Striking the Gong for Financial Literacy Campaign” to support World Investor Week


Financial literacy has become a core skill, essential for everyone in modern society. The Taipei Exchange (TPEx) aims to equip young adults who are in the early stages of their exposure to securities trading with a better understanding of investment, and to provide them with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of the capital market.

Every year since 2008, TPEx keeps hosting the “Financial Elite Camp” for domestic college students. Thousands of potential investors and future securities professionals have taken part in. The ongoing success of the “Financial Elite Camp”, even as it has evolved into an entirely virtual course, demonstrates TPEx's firm commitment to financial literacy at higher educational institutions in this “new normal” era. And TPEx is joining the WFE members’ “Ring the Bell for Financial Literacy Campaign” for the fourth year, and held a “Striking the Gong for Financial Literacy” Campaign instead to support World Investor Week.