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From 2021/02/22, investors trading ASIX Main Board Stock (stock code: 3169) should be collected the buy-side price or sell-side securities for trading orders, and the securities will be matched every 5 minutes

ASIX Main Board Stock (stock code: 3169) has been announced by TPEx its attention information, hereof for a period of 3 consecutive business days. In 10 business days starting 2021/02/22 (2021/02/22 to 2021/03/08, which would be extended accordingly if the market is closed, or the securities are subject to suspension of trading or halt of trading on any of the days) TPEx will conduct trade matching for the securities with manually controlled trade matching terminals (matching approximately every 5 minutes). Securities brokers shall collect in full from the investor the buy-side price or sell-side securities for trading orders already placed by the investor that day when an investor's daily volume of consigned trades for the securities during the given period consists of a single trade of 10 trading units or more or multiple trades with an aggregate total of 30 trading units or more. In the case of margin trading, the full amount of margin for margin purchase or for short sale. Provided that this shall not apply at the time of liquidation of margin trades or for brokered purchases or sales of securities through special accounts set up for the handling of defaults.

(The Chinese version shall prevail in case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions.)