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Item Date Document No. Title Detail
1 2023/10/04 11200101711 NAN YA Company 1St Unsecured Corporate Bond Issue in 2023 with 2 tranches will be listed on TPEx from October 5, 2023. Detail
2 2023/10/04 11200709991 KOREA OCEAN BUSINESS CORPORATION U.S.$80,000,000 Floating Rate Senior Unsecured Notes due 2028 will be listed on the TPEx from October 5, 2023. Detail
3 2023/10/04 11204005621 The corporate bonds, financial debentures, international bonds and convertible bonds of 14 issuers such as Taiwan Power Company will expire in November 2023, and will be terminated starting from the next business day of each maturity date. Detail
4 2023/10/03 11200101261 The Third Issue of 2023 for US-dollar-denominated unsecured cumulative subordinated corporate Bonds of Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd will be listed on the TPEx from 4 October 2023. Detail
5 2023/10/02 11200101531 CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. first convertible bond on the TPEx from October 6, 2023. Detail
6 2023/10/02 11200707561 The provision of the “Taipei Exchange Rules Governing the Review of Exchange-Traded Fund Beneficial Certificates for Trading on the TPEx” has been amended and will be implemented on November 1,2023. Detail