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Taipei Exchange

   The trading of shares of emerging stock company DV, Code 6539, will be resumed starting from 10 05, 2023.       TPEx “ESG ETF Reward Program”       TPEx “ETN Reward Program” Kicks off       TPEx “ETF Reward Program” Kicks off   

TPEx Derivatives Unwind Service

The main reason of the financial crisis caused by the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 is the enormous credit exposure of the counterparties. The transmission of the credit risk has caused systemic risk in the US financial market; therefore, the United States passed the Dodd-Frank Act (the Act) on July 21, 2010 to reduce the systemic risk of financial institutions’ trading in derivatives and eliminate the credit risk in the market. In the Chapter 7 of the Act, it requires the major players in the market to compress its portfolio (Portfolio Compression). The Unwind Service for domestic OTC derivatives that we provide can effectively reduce the capital accrual and other costs of domestic financial institutions and also to reduce the total exposure of credit risk for domestic financial institutions.

Service Process

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1. Taipei Exchange Operation Directions for the System for Early Settlement of Financial Derivatives Transactions Link
2. Business Service Fee Announcement Download