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Bond Type Month Download
Government Bond2021/12Download XLS
Corporate Bond2021/12Download XLS
Financial Debenture2021/12Download XLS
International Bond (All)2021/12Download XLS
International Bond (General Investors)2021/12Download XLS
International Bond (Professional Investors Only)2021/12Download XLS
Structured International Bonds (High-Asset Customers Only)2021/12Download XLS
International Bond (Foreign Issuers Issue in OBU or OSU)2021/12Download XLS
NTD Denominated Foreign Bond (All)2021/12Download XLS
NTD Denominated Foreign Bond (General Investors)2021/12Download XLS
NTD Denominated Foreign Bond (Professional Investors Only)2021/12Download XLS
Stripped Government Bond2021/12Download XLS
Stripped Corporate Bond and Stripped Financial Debenture2021/12Download XLS
Separated Bond From Warrant Bond2021/12Download XLS