Development of Sustainable Bond Market in Taiwan

To develop sustainable financing and to cooperate with the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), the TPEx established a green bond market in 2017. After achieving a success of the green bond market, the TPEx promulgated “Operational Directions for Sustainability Bonds” on October 6, 2020, and established a sustainability bond market. In the future, we will include the social bonds into the sustainable bond market, and provide more investment tools and financing platforms for ESG.

The Advantages of Issuing and Investing In Sustainable Bonds

  • Enhance corporate reputation
  • Fulfill corporate social responsibility
  • Access different types of investors
  • Increase corporate awareness to sustainable development
  • Conform to the spirits of corporate social responsibility and ESG investing
  • Enjoy investment income while contributing to environmental protection and social responsibility
  • Diversify investment portfolio and disperse investment risks
  • A channel for direct investment in green projects and social projects

Sustainable Bond Issuance Overview

Outstanding Amount
Bond Type Issue(s) Outstanding Amount(NTD Billion)
Green Bond - -
Sustainability Bond - -
Sustainable Bond Issuance Amount
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