Market Announcement
Date Title
2020/11/27 From 2020/11/30, investors trading RDC Main Board Stock (stock code: 3228) should be collected the buy-side price or sell-side securities for trading orders, and the securities will be matched every 5 minutes
2020/11/27 The common stock of SHINFOX ENERGY CO., LTD (stock code: 6806) will be registered and traded on the Emerging Stock Board from December 7, 2020.
2020/11/27 The stock trading of SINO TACTFUL CO., LTD. will be under a trading halt starting from November 30, 2020.
2020/11/27 The lead advisory recommending securities firm for emerging stock company Alliance Material Co.,Ltd (stock code: 3595)
2020/11/27 Due to mandatory full redemption and principal repayment on December 10, 2020, Macquarie Bank Limited Issue of USD 120,000,000 Callable Zero Coupon Notes due 10 December 2045 (Code: F06604) will be terminated and delisted on the TPEx from December 10, 2020.
2020/11/27 TPEx imposes demerit points on the recommending securities firm.
2020/11/27 TPEx imposes demerits on CPAs in auditing of a TPEx listing application.
2020/11/27 HEP TECH CO., LTD. (Code:3609) will change its agent for stock affairs to Yuanta Securities Co., Ltd. from March 1, 2021.
2020/11/27 President Hang Seng TECH Index Exchange Traded Note will be listed on the TPEx from December 2, 2020.
2020/11/27 HUA YU LIEN Development Co., Ltd. 2nd Secured Convertible Bond will be listed on the TPEx from December 1, 2020.
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