Regulation Revised Information
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Query range:2020/01/24~2020/02/24
Item Date Description Detail
1 2020/02/21 The amendment of the checklist for the qualification and independence requirements of an independent director takes effect on the date of promulgation. Link
2 2020/02/19 The amendments of corporate governance guidelines and templates take effect immediately Link
3 2020/02/11 The amendments of “Taipei Exchange Procedures for Inquiries Regarding Account Opening and Trading Data of Employees of Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Enterprises and Their Spouses and Minor Children” will apply on February 10, 2020. Link
4 2020/02/03 The amendment of the Article 3-1 of "Taipei Exchange Rules Governing Information Reporting by Companies with TPEx Listed Securities" takes effect on the date of promulgation. Link
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