Recommended Dealers for Assistance
The list of recommended dealers for assistance that meet the requirements under Article 9, Paragraph 2 of the Taipei Exchange Rules Governing the Review of Emerging Stocks for Trading on the TPEx as of 1911
Dealer Code Dealer Name Dealer Code Dealer Name
104 臺銀證
BankTaiwan Securities
779 國票證
Waterland Securities
109 工銀證劵公司
IBT Securities
815 台新證
Taishin Securities
116 日盛證
JihSun Securities
845 康和證
Concord Securities
126 宏遠證
Horizon Securities
888 國泰證
Cathay Securities
218 亞東證
Oriental Securities
910 群益金鼎證
Capital Securities
538 第一金證
First Securities
920 凱基證
KGI Securities
585 統一證
President Securities
930 華南永昌證
HuaNan Securities
592 元富證
MasterLink Securities
960 富邦證
Fubon Securities
616 中國信託證
Chinatrust Securities
980 元大寶來證
Yuanta-Polaris Securities
648 福邦證
9A0 永豐金證
SinoPac Securities
653 大眾證
526 大慶證
TA CHING Securities
700 兆豐證
Mega Securities
1. All information above is reported by dealers to the TPEx and summarized and released to the public by the TPEx. Any incorrect or inaccurate information shall be the responsibility of the corresponding dealer.
2. Please contact Mr. Liu at the TPEx if you are a dealer that meets the requirements but are not included on the above list. (+886-2-2366-5903)