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Regulations and Announcements


  1. February 6, 2023:For TPEx preliminary review needs, ETF issuers should submit materials before the deadlines.
  2. February 6, 2023:ETF issuers should disclose "estimated dividend ratio" information and related warnings in the income distribution announcement.
  3. July 18, 2022:In order to reduce the premium risk of ETF, if the underlying index constituent securities of ETF are domestic stocks, the position subscribed in the primary market can be sold in the secondary market on the same day.
  4. In order to strengthen investors' understanding and risk awareness of leveraged and inverse futures ETFs, the TPEx announces the amendments of related rules. A principal trading and engaging a participating dealer for the first time to conduct the creation or redemption of leveraged and inverse futures ETFs beneficial certificates shall fill in and sign "The checklist of investor trade leveraged or inverse futures ETF". (Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Trading- 11000719891 on December 24, 2021)
  5. The term of validity of a letter of recordation for the recognition of the qualifications of underlying indexes of ETF is expressed. (Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Trading- 11000679502 on October 22, 2021)
  6. The trading restrictions and control methods of the ETFs during the period of the disposition measures are announced.. (Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Trading- 11000611431 on July 15, 2021)
  7. The ETF split and reverse split mechanism has launched. (Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Trading- 11000607991 on July 8, 2021)
  8. In order to protect public interests and maintain the market stability, once the unit NAV of an ETF is zero or lower, the issuer of the ETF is mandated to disclose material information 2 hours before the opening time of trading (7 a.m.), and at the same day the TPEx will announce the delisted date of that ETF. The ETF will be suspended from trading until delisted. (Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Trading- 1090070775 on January 11, 2021)
  9. In order to strengthen the information disclosure of exchange-traded funds beneficial certificates (hereinafter referred to as ETFs) held by overseas Chinese, foreign nationals, and mainland area investors, the ETF issuers should file the ETF holdings of overseas Chinese, foreign nationals, and mainland area investors before the deadlines. (Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Trading- 10800585811 on July 8, 2019)
  10. To simplify the qualification review procedures of ETF participating dealers and liquidity providers, launch that a futures commission merchant that concurrently engages in securities dealing business may apply for being an ETF participating dealer, and adjust the time when ETF liquidity providers should start quoting. (Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Trading- 10700528641 on November 22, 2018)
  11. For trading, creating or redeeming ETF beneficial certificates for which the TPEx deems necessary, a securities firm may only accept the order after the principal has signed a risk disclosure statement. (Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Trading-10700526751 on November 19, 2018)
  12. Starting August 9, 2018, exchange-traded futures trust funds (Futures ETFs) which are offered and issued by a futures trust enterprise may be applied for listed on the TPEx. A securities firm may also issue call (put) warrants linked TPEx Futures ETFs. (Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Trading- 10700215501 on August 9, 2018)
  13. In order to improve the convenience of investors to trade Leveraged and Inverse ETFs and ensure only risk-conscious investors to invest Leveraged and Inverse ETFs, the amendment of Article 3-1 of “Taipei Exchange Rules Governing Trading of Exchange-Traded Fund Beneficial Certificates” is announced. (Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Trading- 10700132421 on May 25, 2018)
  14. In order to follow the practice, amend Articles 2 to 5 of Taipei Exchange Directions for the Recognition of the Qualifications of Underlying Indexes of Exchange-Traded Funds. (Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Trading-10600270481 on October 6, 2017)
  15. A principal who would like to trade, create or redeem High-yield bond securities ETF beneficial certificates shall sign a risk disclosure statement. (Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Bond-10600157631 on June 19, 2017)
  16. For ETF issuers and participating dealers creating and redeeming ETF beneficial certificates, and following the practice, the directions of submitting the application within the time limit prescribed by the TPEx, the method of remittance, etc. are announced. (Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Trading-10600144421 on June 3, 2017)
  17. Starting March 1, 2017, Leveraged and Inverse ETFs may be applied for listed on the TPEx. The operations of creation and redemption of ETFs with non-domestic component shares beneficial certificates are transferred to handle on the TPEx. (Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Trading-10600023611 on February 13, 2017)
  18. Starting January 16, 2017, ETFs with domestic component shares beneficial certificates may be create or redeem by cash. The quotation obligation of the ETF liquidity providers will be improved. (Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Trading-10500318751 on November 15, 2016)