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CTBC 15+ Year Developed Markets US Corporate Best-in-Class ESG Bond ETF tracks the performance of ICE 15+ Year Ultra Large Cap Developed Markets US Corporate Best-in-Class ESG Index. ESG data is sourced from Sustainalytics. To reduce the ESG risk, the index will only include constituents with ESG risk Score lower than Medium risk.
The FTSE Taiwan Target Exposure ESG Index is designed to deliver defined levels of fixed percentage improvement on ESG ratings and trailing dividend yields. The index also provides balanced exposure to five recognized factors that contribute to equity market performance – Quality, Value, Momentum, Low Volatility and Size.


The TIP Customized TPEx ESG IT Elite Total Return Index features the dividend reinvested performance of the TPEx-listed electronic companies that are sustainable and representative in TPEx Mainboard. The index is built up by using corporate sustainability reports, annual reports, government information, financial data, and other public information. The constituents of TIP Customized TPEx ESG IT Elite Total Return Index are weighted according to their free float adjusted market capitalization. TIP Customized TPEx ESG IT Elite Total Return Index is compiled by selecting 10 TPEx-listed electronic companies which fulfill criteria of financial indicators and market capitalization.
“Yuanta TPEx ESG Growth ETN(020027)” is issued by Yuanta Securities, linked with “TIP Customized TPEx ESG Growth Total Return Index”. Taiwan Index Plus Corp. annually utilizes ESG scores and four categories of growth index to select 10 individual stocks listed in TPEx as the component of the index. Invest sustainable development and growth through “Yuanta TPEx ESG Growth (020027)”. ETN is 100% linked with total return index, without any tracking error.