Regulations and Announcements
Title Download/Link Updated Date
3 January 2012 Public Announcement No. Financial-Supervisory-Securities-Corporate-10000601771 of the Financial Supervisory Commission Download 2019.08.02
26 February 2013 Letter No. 1010158265 Download 2019.08.02
18 May 2015 Public Announcement No. 10450001200 Download 2019.08.02
3 July 2012 Public Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Bond-1010400208 of the Taipei Exchange Download 2019.08.02
19 June 2013 Public Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Bond-1020013377 of the Taipei Exchange Download 2019.08.02
3 June 2015 Public Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Bond-10400133701 of the Taipei Exchange Download 2019.08.02
14 February 2018 Public Announcement No. Securities-TPEx-Bond-10700030601 of the Taipei Exchange Link 2019.08.02
Relevant Documents of Financial Derivative Trade Database
 *Taipei Exchange Administrative Directions for the Financial Derivative Trade Database Link 2019.08.02
 *Taipei Exchange Financial Derivative Trade Database Contract Link 2019.08.02
 Personal Data Consent Form Template Download 2019.08.02
 Application of Transaction Document Types Download 2019.08.02

Remark: Title with * indicates English version is available