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   Education Seminars in H2 2021 will change to webinar and be broadcasted live.       The trading of shares, warrants and convertible bonds linked to TPEx listed company PChome online, Code 8044, will be resumed starting from Sep 22, 2021.       TPEx “ETN Reward Program” Kicks off       TPEx “Bond ETF Reward Program” Kicks off   


Title Download Updated Date
1. The Introduction of OTC Derivatives Download 2019.08.01
2. List of Securities Firms Who Have Obtained Derivative Business Qualifications Download 2020.02.27
3. List of Securities Firms’ Head Office And Branches Accepting Orders to Trade Derivatives Download 2021.05.31
4. The Introduction of Leverage Contract Trading Download 2019.08.01
5. List of Leverage Transaction Merchants Who Have Obtained Leverage Contract Trading Business Qualifications Download 2021.05.14
6. List of Leverage Transaction Merchants’ Head Office and Branches Accepting Orders to Trade Leverage Contract Trading Download 2021.03.09