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Privacy Rights Protection Policy

The Taipei Exchange (TPEx) website respects and protects your privacy rights and data security while you are using the Internet. The "TPEx website" upholds a quality policy of "creating a professional, efficient, internationalized mechanism, and providing safe, convenient, fast, diversified service" in order to achieve the following information security objectives and create a complete, workable, efficient information security management system.

Making good use of information and communication security technology, and constructing an efficient, complete information security protection mechanism, so as to ensure the confidentiality, completeness and usability of information assets.

For details as to how the "TPEx website" collects, uses and protects your personal information, please refer to the following information.


The following privacy rights protection policy applies to collection, use and protection of personal information that takes place during your visit to the "TPEx website", but it does not apply to any other websites linked through the "TPEx website". Protection for your personal information is governed by the privacy rights protection policy of the linked websites while you are visiting them.

Collecting Personal Information

The "TPEx website" shall not collect any identity-related personal information where you are just browsing or downloading a file. However, in the following situations, the "TPEx website" may request you to provide related information, if necessary.

  1. Opinions Exchange or Stock-related Customer Service Mailbox To write back, the "TPEx website" shall ask you to provide your full name and email address whenever you use the opinions exchange or stock-related customer service mailbox on the "TPEx website" by email.
  2. Subscription for E-Paper To send you e-papers regularly, the "TPEx website" shall ask you to provide your email address whenever you subscribe to our e-papers.
  3. Others

Please note that any other websites linked through the "TPEx website" may also collect your personal information. Their respective privacy rights protection policies apply to any personal information you provide voluntarily. The measures they take to process information are not governed by the privacy rights protection policy of the "TPEx website". Hence, in this regard, the "TPEx website" bears no legal liability.

Using Personal Information

In no case shall the "TPEx website" sell or rent out any personal information of yours to other organizations, individuals or privately owned enterprises or give them the aforesaid information in exchange for anything else, except in any of the following circumstances:

  1. where the "TPEx website" cooperates with a judicial unit in a legitimate investigation;
  2. where the "TPEx website" cooperates with a related competent authority to conduct an investigation or use the information required for performance of duties; and
  3. where in good faith the "TPEx website" believes that the law requires the "TPEx website" to disclose your personal information.
  4. Online Activities and Network-based Survey.

The "TPEx website" collects full names and ID card numbers for the sake of activities only. The "TPEx website" does not collect information like phone numbers, email addresses and residential addresses for any purpose other than giving notice of an activity result and an analytical purpose. The "TPEx website" collects other information for the sake of service analysis or academic research only. This Company shall not use any collected information for any other purpose unless otherwise agreed by the user.

Protective Measures for Information Security

This Company takes strict measures to ensure information security. Not only does the "TPEx website" employ technology, such as firewall, to protect information put on the Website from intrusion, attack or unauthorized access, but considering the risks of data transmission on the Internet this Company also applies the standard protective mechanism for authentication and encryption to part of the system of "TPEx website", so as to ensure the safety of data access and transmission.

Revision of Privacy Rights Protection and Data Security Policy

In view of rapid technological development, this Company shall revise the instructions about privacy rights protection and data security policy of the "TPEx website" as posted on the Website, if necessary, in order to implement and protect your privacy rights and ensure the safety of network usage. Where the revision of related provisions is done, this Company shall post the revised provisions on the "TPEx website" to remind you of the matters requiring attention.