Securities firms reward program
  • Objectives
  • Encourage securities firms to actively promote the TPEx-listed ETFs products.

    Increase the trading volume of the TPEx-listed ETFs products.

    Expand fund scale of the TPEx-listed ETFs.

  • Details
  • Prize:

    For broker branch:

    Winner Trophy


    For broker salespersons:

    First prize – NTD$100,000

    Second prize - NTD$50,000

    Third prize - NTD$30,000


    For liquidity provider of Equity ETFs:

    First prize – NTD$300,000

    Second prize - NTD$50,000

    Period:Six Months. From July 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.


    For broker branch and salesperson:

    1. Total TPEx-listed ETFs cumulative trading amount of the broker’s branch reached NTD$3,000,000,000 during the event period.
    2. Top three securities broker branches with the highest total TPEx-listed ETFs cumulative trading amount can win the trophy.
    3. For the salespersons of top three securities broker branches, up to three salespersons can share the prize. (Winner list will be provided by the securities firm.)


    For liquidity provider of Equity ETFs:

    1. Trade the TPEx-listed Equity ETFs through the market-making account during the event period.
    2. Daily average trading volume of single TPEx-listed Equity ETF reached 100 trading units.
    3. Top two liquidity providers with the highest daily average trading volume can win the prize.


  • Due to the program is only eligible to domestic securities firms, please refer to the Chinese website for further information. Link

  • TPEx reserves the right to revise the method of this reward program at any time.