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Stock Purchasing and Payment Policies

Stock Purchasing and Payment Policies

(1) The way of purchasing shares on GISA is different from Emerging stock. Investors can only purchase shares on TPEx GISA capital raising system instead of from broker.

(2) Investors can search or purchase shares by visiting the following website path: Home\GISA\Capital Raising\Ongoing Capital Raising.

(3) Purchasing process: Login to TPEx GISA capital raising system and click on “Print Payment Notice” after 3 business days of purchasing on GISA webpage if the companies raise capital successfully. Investors can find the payment information (including bank name, account number and payment period) and pay accordingly.

(4) Purchasing amount on the Payment Notice must be paid in full. There are no installment options available. The payment amount above or below the amount on the Payment Notice would not be accepted by bank.

When Does the Purchasing Start

(1) For investor rights protection, the GISA companies’ Capital Raising information should be posted on the GISA webpage at least 5 business days before the investor start to purchase shares. Investors should use Citizen Digital Certificate, Industry and Commerce Certificate (ICC) and Financial Certificate to login to the GISA capital raising system

(2) The operation hour for online purchasing is from 9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday to Friday.

How to apply for Angel Investors or Individual Investors with Assets of NT$30 million or more

Investors meet the Paragraph 4 of Article 14 and Paragraph 2 of Article 16 of Regulations Governing the Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms  without exception could apply to us or to our contracted broker. As of today, we have signed contract with 15 brokers.

Requirement for investors disqualifying to be Angel Investors or Natural Investors with Assets of NT$30 million or more

(1) The Risk Notice should be checked before purchasing.

(2) Annual total investment amount is limited to NT$150,000 for all companies registered on GISA.

(3) Purchasing of shares can only be bought in thousands.

When does the GISA shares be delivered to Investors

The Shares Receiving Notice should be delivered by the GISA companies or by broker after the GISA companies amend their certificate of incorporation from Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Investors should receive the shares according to the instruction on the Shares Receiving Notice.

Problem with TPEx GISA capital raising system

(1)Please run the security software to access the Capital Raising System.

(2)We only accept the IE 7 and above generation browser.