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Mainboard Applicant Companies
Company names shown in English or in a combination of English and Chinese indicate foreign companies.
Code or Company: Year:
Index Code Name Application
Chairman Share capital (at application) Date of approval by TPEx Listing Review Committee Date of approval by TPEx board of directors The contract for approved trading on the TPEx TPEx trading date Lead
1 2752 Tofu Restaurant Co., Ltd. 2019/05/28 WU PO HSUN 164,920,000 Grand Fortune Securities Co.,Ltd
2 1269 KANPAI CO., LTD 2019/05/13 Soji Hiraide 185,037,830 KGI Securities
3 4931 STL Technology Co.,Ltd. 2019/04/26 George Chang 546,837,610 2019/06/14 Taishin Securities
4 6642 FUZETEC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. 2019/04/11 CHEN, JI-SHENG 278,996,620 2019/05/27 SinoPac Securities
5 6680 SINTRONES Technology Corp. 2019/04/11 Hsu Yu Jui 149,600,000 2019/05/23 Mega Securities Co., Ltd.