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Agribusiness Apply for TPEx/ESM listing (registration) --How the Capital Market Can Be Used to Accelerate Development of the Agribusiness

I.Current Issues Faced by Agribusiness

i.Lack of sufficient funding

ii.Difficult to recruit top talent

iii.Lack of a well established internal system of controls

iv.Urgent need to protect intellectual property rights

II.How to Take Advantage of the Capital Market

i.Source of funds

ii.Source of funds

III.Introduction of TPEx

i.How to Enter the Capital Market

ii.Features of TPEx Market

iii.Related Websites and Information

  1. TPEx General Stock Board Listing Requirements and Procedures
  2. TPEx Emerging Stock Board registration Requirements and Procedures
  3. Taipei Exchange Rules Governing the Review of Emerging Stocks for Trading on the TPEx
  4. Taipei Exchange Rules Governing the Review of Securities for Trading on the TPEx
  5. Council Of Agriculture, Executive Yuan and Related information


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