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For foreign Emerging Stock Board enterprises, ”*- country of incorporation” indicates stocks without par value or with par value other than NT$10, and ”- country of incorporation” indicates stocks with par value of NT$10 per share.
Basic information
Chairman President Spokesperson Telephone Address ESM Registration Date
LIN,MING-CHENG LIN,MING-CHENG Tonnie.Chang 03-5775586 NO.16 Gongye E. 9th Rd., Hsinchu Science Park ,Hsinchu County, 30075 Taiwan 2010/09/15
Key businesses
Biotechnology and Medical Care UNICON have implemented a standardized manufacturing process with strict quality control measures ensure uniform quality.We employ some of the best material and engineering scientists and is constantly refining the materials and products in order to ensure that the patient and alike are offered a better contact lens experience. The UNICON group is a progressive and innovative company. We offer our consumers safe and high class innovative products supported by clinical studies and in compliance with regulatory bodies. Wearers of contact lenses with our polymer material will experience enhanced ocular comfort with longer wearing times. The advanced lens design also results in improved vision with enhanced comfort that has been clinically proven to be superior. We market three broad categories of products: 1. Blue Tint: Daily, Monthly. 2. Big Eyes Tint: Daily, Monthly. 3. Colors: 1 tone, 2 tone, 3 tone.
Market info
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Financial data
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Cash flows from operating activities
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balance sheet
Current assets
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Total liabilities
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profit and loss
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Other comprehensive income
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Basic earnings per share
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