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For foreign Emerging Stock Board enterprises, ”*- country of incorporation” indicates stocks without par value or with par value other than NT$10, and ”- country of incorporation” indicates stocks with par value of NT$10 per share.
5233 Amita
Basic information
Chairman President Spokesperson Telephone Address ESM Registration Date
Chatrapon Sripratum Lee Chee Seng Christopher Lee Chee Seng Christopher 03-2631212 No.6, Chazhuan Rd., Guishan Dist.Tao-Yuan City,Taiwan 2011/06/28
Key businesses
Other Electronic Amita Tech. has successfully mastered the key technologies, components and equipment required to manufacture high performance Lithium Polymer batteries. We are one of the companies selected to co develop STOBA with ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute). Our polymer cells have low impedance, high current, long cycle life and safe characteristics. It's been applied in UPS, power banks, power tools, E-bicycles and E-scooters and other devices. We persist in innovation of battery design and manufacture to meet stringent safety requirements, and acquire various patents of Charging Control, Cell Balance, Safety Devices and Thermal Management. As safety is the key factor for EV batteries, Amita implements STOBA technology and has a new age of EV cells with 40Ah large capacity, gravimetric energy density of 199Wh/Kg, density power up to average 2,800W/kg and long life of 10 years.
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