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For foreign Emerging Stock Board enterprises, ”*- country of incorporation” indicates stocks without par value or with par value other than NT$10, and ”- country of incorporation” indicates stocks with par value of NT$10 per share.
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Basic information
Chairman President Spokesperson Telephone Address ESM Registration Date
Amy Lee Sam Wu Vincent Jen 03-3642777 No. 2, Dazhi Rd., Taoyuan Dist.,Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 2016/08/01
Key businesses
Electronic Parts and Components Major business is developing and marketing slides for 1~5 U server and peripherals, and CMA( cable management arm ), slides for office furniture, kitchen and bath vanity, white appliance, and ATM, etc… and other fields which might use slides, and ODM/OEM slide solution for leading international brands. Prospects – Repon’s future depends on providing the solution to maximize the existing and potential professional customers’ user experience, and continuing to diversify the market development through further penetrating into the prosperous industry such as server industry, appliance and kitchen.
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