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For foreign Emerging Stock Board enterprises, ”*- country of incorporation” indicates stocks without par value or with par value other than NT$10, and ”- country of incorporation” indicates stocks with par value of NT$10 per share.
6841 EFAI
Basic information
Chairman President Spokesperson Telephone Address ESM Registration Date
Ming-Fong Chen Ming-Fong Chen Ander, Liao 04-2321-3838 Rm. I, 8F., No. 573,Sec. 2, Taiwan Blvd.,West Dist.Taiwan Taichung City 2021/09/14
Key businesses
Biotechnology and Medical Care EverFortune.AI established the first cooperation with China Medical University Hospital, and assisted in the construction of “Image Labeling System”, “Image Structured Database” and “Big Data Database”, managing the big data that the hospital has into training material for deep learning. Current results include “Artificial Intelligence Assessment System for Growth Hormone Deficiency and Precocious Disorder Syndrome”, “Gene Sequence Analysis for Uncommon Disorders”, “Artificial Intelligence Assisted Breast Ultrasound Tumor Classification System”, and “Liver Health Assessment and Management System” and many other medical AI-assisted applications. The medical AI cloud server was completed to serve 16 hospitals under the China Medical University Hospital organization, to establish smart hospitals assisted by medical AI.
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