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For foreign Emerging Stock Board enterprises, ”*- country of incorporation” indicates stocks without par value or with par value other than NT$10, and ”- country of incorporation” indicates stocks with par value of NT$10 per share.
Basic information
Chairman President Spokesperson Telephone Address ESM Registration Date
YEN WEN LIEANG WU YUNG CHUNG WU YUNG CHUNG 08-8661018 pingnan lndustrial Park,No.103,Section 3,hongshan Road,Fangliao TownshipPingtung County.Taiwan 2022/09/30
Key businesses
Green Energy and Environmental Services 本公司為國內首家利用循環方式,將回收之硬料(鎢合金)及軟料(磨削料)做為原料,經由廠內回收製程後還原成為生產鎢金屬原料,目前主要產品為鎢酸鈉(Na2WO4)及碳酸鈷(CoCO3)。 由於目前台灣尚未有廠商生產鎢金屬產業鏈中的仲鎢酸銨(APT)及氧化鎢(WO3),另鎢金屬產業鏈中的原料鎢粉(W)及碳化鎢(WC)亦全數仰賴進口。本公司業務方向除持續優化回收製程,藉以提高回收率及回收品質外,未來將投入發展生產APT、WO3、W及WC,以形成完整的鎢金屬原料生產線,填補產業斷層,掌握關鍵基礎原料,提升台灣自製率,減少對於原料進口依賴;長期將擴大至生產各產業使用之鎢合金產品,形成台灣更強競爭力。
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Financial data
Cash flows statement Item
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balance sheet
Current assets
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Share capital
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Other comprehensive income
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Basic earnings per share
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 The information disclosed here concerning foreign enterprises consists of amounts provided in consolidated financial statements.