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3577 ICP DAS
Company Profile
Chairman CEO Spokesperson Tel Address Date of Listing (Regular)
Neddy Yeh Frank Cheng Serena Cheng 03-5973366 No. 111, Guangfu N. Rd., Hukou TownshipHsinchu County 30351, Taiwan , R. O. C. 2009/01/06
Industry Main Business
Computer and Peripheral Equipment R&D, production and sale of: *Programmable Automation Controller *Embedded PC & Board PLC *Remote I/O *Other Automation Products Manufacturing industries have started to apply process automation to improve efficiency and make cost down since 1980s. Today other industries including service industry, agriculture and fishery, implement automation in all aspects of operation. Automation not only supports the objectives of more precise, economical and speedier, but also improves the capability of flexibility and accountability of enterprises. Moreover, daily living infrastructures are eager to adopt various automation device as well. Under such trend, automation products market becomes blooming. ICP DAS applies its products to comprehensive application of automation.
Market Information ( 2024/06/17 )
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49.968 51.40  50.70  50.90  0.30  50 .00 909 0
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