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4744 CVC
Company Profile
Chairman CEO Spokesperson Tel Address Date of Listing (Regular)
YEN,TE-HSIN CHANG,KAI-HSUN LIN,CHIN-MEI (04)2496-3666 No. 190, Gongye 9th Rd.,Dali Dist, Taichung City 412, Taiwan 2018/07/12
Industry Main Business
Biotechnology and Medical Care Founded in 1979,CVC is one of the biggest brand in pharmaceutical machinery industry;with more than 10,000 machines sold, CVC's equipments are popularly adopted by drug-makers worldwide.CVC'S pharmaceutical packaging product offering includes tablet/capsule bottling line,liquid filling line,powder filling line,tube filling equipment and various types of labeling system.Not just manufacturing equipments, CVC is the total solution provider to work out all issues of software, hardware and turnkey integration of pharmaceutical packaging equipments.In 2008, CVC brought in the vision inspection technology and launched the product line of syringe inspection system.CVC expanded its business to laboratory instrument in 2008 via merger of Micro-Tech Scientific Inc.,the US based HPLC company and acquired its patented technologies in Nano LC systems. The new brand,CVC-MicroTech provides Nano XPLC,MS,auto-sampler,UV detector,fraction collector,columns and accessories of HPLC systems.
Market Information ( 2021/10/15 )
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14 27.00  26.65  26.90  0.00  11 0.02 3,305 0
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