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4979 LuxNet
Company Profile
Chairman CEO Spokesperson Tel Address Date of Listing (Regular)
Isabella Chien Holst Tseng Kelly Wang (03)452-5188 No.6, Hejiang Road, Zhongli Dist.,Taoyuan City, Taiwan, R.O.C. 2011/12/12
Industry Main Business
Communications and Internet LuxNet’s main business are in the areas of: 1) designing, manufacturing, and sales of fiber optic components for communication applications, 2) providing OEM service to transceiver module makers, and 3) developing a high-end optical engine for communication & consumer applications. The main products & services are: A) Light Emitter: upto 25Gbps FP, DFB, VCSEL Laser, low speed LED Emitter, and RCLED Emitter; B) Photodetectors (PDs): upto 25Gbps single & array GaAs & InP PDs; C) TO & OSA: upto 25Gbps FP & DFB type TO, PIN-Tia TO, and their OSA; D) BOSA & Triplexer: BOSA & Triplexer for PON in FTTX applications; E) Transceiver Module OEM subcon service to LuxNet optical component customers; F) Provide high speed (40-120 Gbps) optical engine product for Cloud Computing as well as Light Peak optical USB applications.
Market Information ( 2023/09/26 )
Shr. Vol. Highest Lowest Closed Change Transaction TurnOver(%) long
22134.927 138.50  131.00  134.50  1.50  14911 15,044 2,326
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