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2755 YoungQin
Company Profile
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CHO, YUN-YU CHO, YUN-YU TSAI, KUO-HSIEN 033412298 NO. 16, Hejiang RdZhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320, Taiwan 2020/12/16
Industry Main Business
Tourism Industry
YoungQin International Co., Ltd established in August 2015. “The persistence of seeking real food” is our vision, and moving foward to develop the mutiple brand strategy. We aim to develop and internationalize the catering brand. MyWarmDay, Fried Chicken Master, Real Bakery are the three catering brands under YoungQin. Moreover, each brand persists in national level's certification of quality in the mission of “real food, real happiness”. YoungQin continuously strengthens the brand image through innovative strategies, brand recognition and store style design, and delivers the value of meals and exceeds consumers' expectations with unique cooking techniques and health appeals.Besides, YoungQin keep serving more consumers and dedicated to develop the international plan. Our brands were also developed in China, and also other countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Cambodia. We expect to be one of the most welecome catering brand over the world in the future.
Market Information ( 2021/04/16 )
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