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HONG MIN-CHUNG SUI HSUEH-KUANG CHUANG SHU-CHEN 02-2381-8000 No.128, Ln. 313, Taizun Rd., Touhu Vil., Yangmei Dist.,Taoyuan City 32669, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 2018/03/28
Industry Main Business
1. Trend of various product development ◎Core business: 1.1 Reclamation and treatment of waste electric and electronic objects: We have actively reclaimed such waste objects, ensure integrity as the products of recycling, Increase sale of valued material and make a profit. 1.2 Reclamation and treatment of information objects: Adopt free market recovered mechanism, ensure market share rate 30~40% and promote completeness of recovered goods. ◎Plant export: Increase quantity of supplier's membership, decrease equipment purchasing cost, promote the space of making a profit. ◎reinvestment: policy of appliance with old change lately is break off, improve a manufacturing process before taking effect of the fund system, refined dismantling, promote sale of valued material and ensure to make a profit. ◎Actively plan third factory, obtain the clearance and handles qualifications of Class A objects, develop new business actively, go toward the development of handling business waste.
Market Information ( 2020/08/06 )
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