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Corporate Governance Evaluation System

For the purpose of accelerating the implementation of corporate governance by TWSE/TPEx listed companies, facilitating the development of sound business practices and increasing market confidence, and supporting the Corporate Governance Roadmap 2013 launched by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) in late 2013, TPEx and the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) have teamed up to promote the Corporate Governance Evaluation System. The Corporate Governance Center works under instruction from the FSC and designs the evaluation indicators. Experts are engaged to join the Corporate Governance Evaluation Committee to review the indicators. The Securities & Futures Institute is responsible for performing the evaluation.

The evaluation indicators and evaluation results of the Corporate Governance Evaluation System can be found on the website of Corporate Governance Center.

A. 10 TPEx listed companies were ranked in top 5% for the eighth consecutive year.                            
Code Company Symbol   Code Company Symbol Code Company Symbol  
3105 WIN4126 PAHSCO 5209 CTCI ASI
5347 VIS5371 Coretronic 5483 SAS
5530 LUNG YEN6023 Yuanta Futures 6147 CHIPBOND
6803 ECOVE Corp.   

B. 36 TPEx listed companies were evaluated as the top 5% in 2021.                                                                              
Code Company Symbol   Code Company Symbol Code Company Symbol  
1259 AN-SHIN3081 LandMark 3088 AXIOMTEK
3105 WIN3152 ACX 3264 Ardentec
3374 Xintec3388 TTC 3529 eMemory
3558 Senao Networks4105 TTY 4126 PAHSCO
4128 MICROBIO4175 MedFirst 4506 GFC
5009 GMTC5209 CTCI ASI 5347 VIS
5371 Coretronic5483 SAS 5530 LUNG YEN
5536 ACTER6023 Yuanta Futures 6147 CHIPBOND
6263 Planet6488 GWC 6510 CHPT
6589 EirGenix6613 Novatech 6643 M31
6803 ECOVE Corp.8255 ATC 8432 TSH