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After hours information (trading information after the market closes)

After hours information (trading information after the market closes):

  1. Same-day securities information transmitted after market hours is after hours information.
  2. After hours trading information is divided into the following groups by class:
    • Group 1 (ESM stocks): 0/month (must be accompanied by purchase of Group 3 or 4)
    • Group 2 (stock indices): TWD 500/month
    • Group 3 (TPEx listed stock information): TWD 1,000/month
    • Group 4 (TPEx listed stock statistics): TWD 10,000/month
    • Group 5 (bond information): TWD 2,000/month
    • Group 6 (information on bond derivatives): TWD 2,000/month
    • Group 7 (Daily Trading Statistics of Securities Firms—including Warrants): TWD55,000/month
    • Group 8 (Daily Trading Statistics of Securities Firms—excluding Warrants): TWD50,000/month
    • Group 9 (Daily Trading Statistics of Securities Firms—Warrants): TWD5,000/month
    • Group 10 (Day-trading information): TWD1,000/month
    • Group 11 (Daily Information of Attention and Disposition Securities): TWD3,000/month
    • Group 12 (TPEx200 Index): Internal Use TWD10,000/month;External Use TWD20,000/month
  3. Users can access the TPEx after hours trading information system via accessing in their web browser and then entering their valid account ID and password. Once verified by the system, users will enter the subscribed download screen where they may select and download the files. Users can also inquire and download the files by two specific URL applications.