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 5.3. Market Information

 1. I would like to track foreign investors' trading pattern for stock selection. How may I obtain such information?

TPEx distributes foreign investor trading data to securities firms on a daily basis. You may obtain this information from securities firms or from the TPEx website.

 2. Where can I find the basic information of bonds?

To learn more about the basic information of an issued government bond, corporate bond, financial debenture, convertible (exchangeable) bond or international bond, investors can visit the “Bonds” section of the Market Observation Post System.

Investors can inquire the basic information of registered foreign bonds on TPEx website (Home > Bond > Registered Foreign Bonds).

 3. Where can I find real-time quotations and transaction information?

TPEx website ( Home > Bond > Bond Trading Info > Government Bond & Corporate Bond > EBTS Quotes/EBTS Market Price posts the real-time quotation and transaction information. Information service providers, such as Reuters, Bloomberg and Sysware also provide real-time quotations and transaction information on Taiwan government bonds.
Note: The English translation is for reference only. In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.