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Taipei Exchange

   The trading of shares of emerging stock company UBIP, Code 6562, will be resumed starting from Jan 21, 2022.       TPEx “ETN Reward Program” Kicks off       TPEx “ETF Reward Program” Kicks off   

Stock Daily Info

The information provided is available since 1994/01.

Input Date and Stock Symbol.

Date Trade Vol.
Trade Amt.
Open High Low Close Change (%) No.of
  1. 「*」表示該日為該股票上櫃掛牌首日,其掛牌首日之漲跌係以當日收盤價減承銷價計算而得。
  2. 自94年3月1日起,初次上櫃股票首五個交易日無漲跌幅限制。