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Stock P/E Ratio(By Stock)

The information provided below is available since 2012/09.

Input Date and Stock Symbol.

Date P/E Ratio Yield Ratio(%) Year of Dividends PBR

  1. Stock names consisting of “*” means that the stocks have no par value or their par value is not 10 NTD.
  2. P/E Ratio = Closing price / Net profit per share
    Net profit per share = Accumulated net profit and net loss for the latest four quarters / Shares issued
    However, if net profit is zero or negative, the P/E Ratio will not be calculated.
  3. Dividend Yield = Dividend per share / Close price *100
    Dividend per share = Cash dividends per share + Stock Dividends per share
    (The calculation of dividend yield of this report is based on the dividend from the previous year).
  4. Price-to-book Ratio = Closing price / The Net Asset Value of Each Share
  5. Regarding the frequency of dividend distribution from main board companies, please refer to the webpage below for more information.
  6. The information on this webpage is for reference purposes only and should not be considered as advice related to trading securities.

Year of Dividends
Dividends (Cash+Stock)