P/E Ratio Listing
The information provided below is available since 2007/01/01
Rank Stock Code Stock Name Close Price Earnings

  1. Stock names consisting of “*” means that the stocks have no par value or their par value is not 10 NTD.
  2. P/E Ratio = Closing price / Net profit per share
    Net profit per share = Accumulated net profit and net loss for the latest four quarters / Shares issued
    However, if net profit is zero or negative, the P/E Ratio will not be calculated.
  3. Dividend Yield = Dividend per share / Closing price *100
    Dividend per share = Cash dividends per share + Stock Dividends per share
  4. Price-to-book Ratio = Closing price / The Net Asset Value of Each Share
  5. The information on this webpage is for reference purposes only and should not be considered as advice related to trading securities.