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The TPEx makes a great effort to promote sustainable development. In addition to promoting TPEx-listed companies engaged in sustainable development, it also actively innovates ESG-focused investing products to guide both companies and investors to pay attention to sustainability.

The TPEx Sustainability Indices take into account the ESG performance and stock portfolios to help you make good use of investment power to support sustainable development. We hope you will join us in exploring the opportunities and potential in the TPEx.


The Index adopts “the number of employees employed by TPEx-listed companies” as the main criterion to select the top 88 companies. The objective of the index is to encourage companies to create more jobs and fulfill corporate social responsibility.
Improving employee benefits is one of the important goals for a socially responsible company. The Index uses the “average salary of employees” as the main criterion to select the top 88 companies.
The main criterion for eligibility into the Index constituents is to score in the top 20% in the current year of the “Corporate Governance Evaluation”. The Index is aimed to encourage companies to comply with good corporate governance practices.


The Index was launched in June 2020, the first index considering the TPEx-listed companies’ performance on ESG and their financial indicators.
The Index is made up of 10 TPEX-listed companies which fulfill criteria of ESG Score and corporate growth indicators such as revenue, earnings, EBITDA and market capitalization.
The Index is composed of 10 TPEX-listed electronic companies which fulfill criteria of ESG. The Index integrates ESG factors and future industry trends for investors who focus on the performance of electronic companies.
The Index is designed to reflect portfolio performance of TPEx-listed companies that contain sustainability, dividend performance, good liquidity and considerable market capitalization.
The index focuses on ESG performance and financial indicators, which excludes high-polluting and high-energy-consuming industries, selects TPEx listed companies with good investment capacity and sustainable development performance.
The index focuses on ESG performance and financial indicators, selects TPEx listed companies with good sustainable development performance, low volatility and large market capitalization.


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