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Securities exempted from SBL short selling price constraint

The information provided below is available since 2013/09.
Stock Code Stock Name Banned
  1. The securities listed above are eligible for margin purchase and short sale, excepting for those which have not been qualified yet, or being suspended pursuant to the articles 4 and 5 of “Standards Governing Eligibility of Securities for Margin Purchase and Short Sale”.
  2. Banned from margin short selling*: The securities are eligible for margin purchase and short sale but the short selling is suspended temporarily pursuant to relative rules.
  3. Banned from SBL short selling*: Short sales ban in effect when the balance of securities borrowed and sold reaches threshold of the total outstanding shares of that given security.
  4. Subject to Uptick rule: Uptick rule is in effect when the previous day’s closing price decreased more than 3.5%, or when, no trade was executed, the lowest recorded sell order at market close decreased more than 3.5%, such that short sales must be entered at a price equal to or above a stock's the previous day’s closing price for the following trading day.
  5. If there were Newly added Altered Trading Securities, you would find a “Query” shown above, please click it to see the securities list. In addition, you can find the historical data on this link. If the abovementioned securities are eligible for margin trading, they shall be suspended and are subjected to the uptick rule.