Securities Trading Monthly Statistics
Title of Report Description of Report
List of Market Value, P/E Ratio, Yield, and Rate of Return for TPEx Listed Companies Market Value, P/E Ratio, Yield, and Return on Investment for TPEx Listed Companies
Stock Index by Sector Index Information Including Beginning of Month, End of Month, Highest, Lowest, and Monthly Average by Sector
Percentage of Issued/Traded Stock by Sector for TPEx Listed Companies Current Month Share Capital, Total Market Value, Monthly Trading Volume, Monthly Number of Thousand Shares Traded, Turnover Ratio (%)
Historical Data and Statistics for TPEx Listed Stocks Current Month Trading Volume, Value Traded, Number of Transactions, Number of TPEx Listed Companies, Total Paid-in Capital, Market Value of TPEx Listed Stocks, and Total Investor Accounts
P/E Ratio and Yield of TPEx Listed Stocks by Sector Current Month P/E Ratio, Yield, and Price-to-book Ratio of TPEx Listed Stocks by Sector
TPEx Stock Trading Summary Current Month Total Trading Value, Total Trading Volume, Total Number of Transactions, Trading Prices, Month End Closing Prices, P/E Ratio, Average Yield, Turnover Rate, and Price-to-book Ratio for TPEx Listed Stocks
List of Ex-right Stocks Information on Reference Prices Before and after Ex-right Stocks in Current Month, and Distribution and/or Subscription Per Thousand Shares
List of Ex-dividend Stocks Information on Amount of Dividend for Ex-dividend Stocks in Current Month and Reference Prices Before and After Ex-dividend
Returns on Stocks for Investors Market, Class, and Individual Stock Year-End Returns from Last Three Years to End of Current Month