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Taipei Exchange


Rules and Regulations

Financial Supervisory Commission Regulations
  Title Link
1 Regulations Governing Securities Investment Trust Funds  Link
2 Regulations Governing Futures Trust Funds  Link
3 Standards Governing Eligibility of Securities for Margin Purchase and Short Sale  Link
TPEx Rules
  Title Link Download (ODF)
1 Taipei Exchange Rules Governing Securities Trading on the TPEx  Link -
2 Taipei Exchange Rules Governing the Review of Exchange-Traded Fund Beneficial Certificates for Trading on the TPEx  Link -
3 Taipei Exchange Procedures for Verification and Disclosure of Material Information of Securities Investment and Futures Trust Enterprises of TPEx Listed Exchange-Traded Funds  Link -
4 Taipei Exchange Securities Listing Fee Rates  Link -
5 Taipei Exchange Directions for the Recognition of the Qualifications of Underlying Indexes of Exchange-Traded Funds  Link -
6 Taipei Exchange Rules Governing Trading of Exchange-Traded Fund Beneficial Certificates  Link -
7 Taipei Exchange Directions for Creation and Redemption of Exchange Traded Fund Beneficial Certificates  Link -
8 Taipei Exchange Extraordinary Risk Disclosure Statement for the Trading and Creation / Redemption of Exchange-Traded Futures Trust Fund Beneficial Certificates  Download  Download
9 Taipei Exchange Operation Directions Governing Liquidity Providers of Exchange-Traded Fund Beneficial Certificates  Link -
10 Taipei Exchange Operating Procedures Governing the Split and Reverse Split of Beneficial Certificates of Exchange Traded Funds Traded on the TPEx  Link -
11 Taipei Exchange Rules Governing the Review of Call (Put) Warrants for Trading on the TPEx  Link -
12 Operating Rules for Securities Firms Handling Margin Purchases and Short Sales of Securities  Link -
TDCC Rules
  Title Link
1 Operating Rules of the Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (TDCC)  Link
2 Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation Directions for the Handling by Participants of Book-Entry Transfer Operations for the Beneficial Certificates of Exchange-Traded Funds and Futures Exchange-Traded Funds  Link